Medieval Zagreb Night Tour

Zagreb, Croatia
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Embark on a night tour to take you on a journey into the past. Discover the dark side of Zagreb and relive some of the most gruesome events of its history, exactly where they happened.

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Walking, History
1 hours, 30 minutes
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This dark Zagreb tour is a journey into the past. While the tour guide will present you with problems that bothered people in Zagreb a couple of centuries ago, the virtual guide is going to help you experience the way those problems affected real people's lives. Learn how kings, queens, witches, peasants, and prostitutes met their fate throughout a tour that combines fact with fiction.Your tour starts at the Ban Jelačić Square from where the group is taken into an old basement where dark spirits await. The route covers the exact locations of many gruesome historical events. Executions, torture, epidemics, adultery, witch-hunts, rape and murder - the city streets hide dark secrets of the past waiting to be unraveled.Find out whether or not there will be a happy ending or if the darkness of the past is too thick. All of this will be discovered throughout a tour which brings a new and innovative concept to Zagreb's tour guiding scene.

What's included?

Multimedia guidance through the history of Zagreb

Local guide with over 500 tours' experience

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In front of the horse statue at Ban Jelačić (main) Square.

Zagreb, Croatia

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Fully refundable up to 24h before start